Public Health Solutions

JLA advises Public Health Solutions (PHS) on the design and implementation of its initiatives to improve sexual reproductive health services delivered in federally qualified health centers, public hospitals, and federally funded family planning clinics. JLA is currently partnering on PHS’s project to build partnerships between sexual reproductive health providers and substance use treatment providers to better identify and meet the needs of persons capable of pregnancy. JLA has trained the PHS project teams in improvement models and methods and coached the teams through Collaborative design, implementation and evaluation. JLA’s advising involves continuous assessment of team improvement skills and just-in-time training through mentoring and modeling of best practices.


RTI International

JLA provided quality improvement coaching for The National Children’s Study (NCS), a federal, multisite, longitudinal, community-based population study. The NCS established a Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Network (CoIN) to accelerate innovation and optimization of study operations and participant retention, and subsequently to focus on improving information management systems and training approaches.  JLA provided guidance to the RTI International team, which coordinated CoIN activities and coached the participating Study Centers on how to use continuous, small-scale, rapid testing to fit effective ideas into local conditions.


UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families & Communities

JLA provided co-direction for the national Learning Network of the Kresge Foundation-funded Moving Healthcare Upstream initiative, a Learning Network comprised of clinical-community partner teams working together to minimize the impact of social determinants on the healthy child development.  Focus areas included designing scalable methods for assessing and addressing social factors, developing cross-organization/cross-sector care teams operating under a common conceptual framework, and identifying workable solutions to information sharing in the face of regulatory and technological challenges. JLA was played a key role in strategic planning, core document creation, learning event design and delivery, measurement and reporting strategy formulation, team coaching, and capturing lessons learned.


Public/Private Ventures

Public/Private Ventures (P/PV) engaged JLA to develop a “change package” to consolidate Workforce Development (WD) theory, best practices, strategies, and measures into a single document for their P/PV Benchmarking Project, an initiative to help social service programs compare key outcomes to those of other programs with similar characteristics. Subsequently, JLA developed a strategy for a P/PV-facilitated collective quality improvement project for 20 social service organizations in New York and Chicago to pilot the change package and provided improvement coaching and implementation support.