About Us

Joslyn Levy & Associates provides expert consultation to public health agencies, medical and behavioral health providers, not-for-profit organizations and other key stakeholders on the development, implementation and evaluation of initiatives to improve individual and community health. We partner with clients to tackle tough problems and help them achieve their goals for excellence and breakthrough results.

More than ever, organizations are being challenged to improve services, achieve results that meet or exceed performance targets, demonstrate value, and do so at the lowest possible cost. We help our clients to meet these demands. Our team knows how to make ideas tangible and understandable, and how to move from ideas to action.

JLA has worked across a broad array of content areas including primary care transformation, complex care design, behavioral health and substance use, sexual reproductive health, population health, social determinants of health, criminal justice reentry, workforce wellness and others. In all of our efforts, we elevate the importance of addressing inequities at the individual and systems level and incorporating consumer and care team voices in developing solutions.

Our Approach

JLA’s consulting approach is grounded in improvement theory and systems thinking.  We rely on the evidence-base, applying the research on best practices to design innovative strategies that address client needs.  We view collaboration as essential to success.

Improvement Theory: JLA is influenced by our experiences with collaborative learning, breakthrough series, and innovation and spread work in healthcare.  We encourage the use of a rapid-cycle improvement approach that is based on iterative testing on a small scale to promote learning, adaptation and informed decision-making in order to successfully implement and sustain new strategies.  We apply principles of measurement for improvement to maximize learning, including constructing a measurement strategy for monitoring implementation and assessing the impact of changes.  We build on results to get to scale.

Systems Thinking: Designing solutions for complex systems requires understanding both the relationships among a system’s parts and the parts themselves.  We examine the underlying characteristics and relationships within systems to view the issue at hand from various perspectives, engage a dynamic network of diverse stakeholders in problem-solving, develop solutions that work across sub-systems, and foster system-wide planning and evaluation.

Collaboration: Our collaborative approach fosters partnering directly with client teams to achieve quality improvement that lasts.  In order to realize the desired outcomes, an institution, itself, must fully engage in the change process.  Our goal is to transfer our skills to the team so that improvement continues long after JLA’s work period is over.  An investment in JLA is an investment in learning.

JLA is a New York City and New York State Certified Women Owned Business.